Andrology Services

In many couples, infertility issues can emerge from the male partner and in cases of female infertility, there can be additional male factors that warrant investigation and treatment.

We offer comprehensive Andrology services through our in-house andrologists and andrology laboratory. We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of the male partner for infertility or sexual problems. At Surya’s Fertility Clinics, we offer a variety of comprehensive tests to evaluate male infertility using state-of-the-art technology.

Detailed Semen Analysis

It is the first and sometimes the only test required for the Male partner. A detailed analysis with count, motility and morphology (structure) of the sperms provides valuable information and guides the course of treatment.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation

Sperm DNA Fragmentation is a specialised sperm function test that assesses the quality of the genetic material in the sperm. At times the sperm count and motility may seem normal but there could be breakages in the genetic structure which can lead to poor quality embryos , failed IVF cycles, recurrent abortions and unexplained infertility.

Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (MACS)

One of the major factors determining successful reproduction is the quality of the sperm. Currently, the sperm preparation technique involves different approaches that separate the sperm on the basis of their motility and density. But MACS is a superior sperm preparation technique that acts at a molecular level. Data suggests that the MACS technique yields motile, viable, morphologically normal sperm that displays a significantly higher fertilisation potential. This procedure is also used to enhance  survival  rates  of  sperm  following  cryopreservation

Surgical Sperm Retrieval Methods

Different types of methods are used to procure sperms which are absent in the ejaculated semen (Azoospermia)

TESA: testicular sperm aspiration – under local anesthesia sperms are extracted from the testes with a fine needle. These can be used for ICSI procedure with wife’s eggs or frozen for later use.

PESA: percutaneous Epidydymal sperm aspiration is used when there is absent sperms in semen due to obstruction of the vas deferns. Sperms are obtained from the structure called Epididymus present on posterior lateral aspect of testes by needle aspiration.

TESE: This is an invasive surgical procedure wherein the testes are surgically opened and areas containing sperms are located.

The sperms so obtained are used for ICSI.

At Surya fertility, we have the entire range of procedures for Male infertility with good outcomes.

Fertility Enhancing Endoscopic Surgeries

We provide a range of Hysteroscopic and Laparoscopic procedures for diagnostic as well as therapeutic use for infertile patients with the latest HD camera system. Procedures such as hysteroscopic polyp, fibroid, adhesions as well as Laparoscopic treatment of cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, tubal surgeries are carried out. Patients who have undergone previous testicular surgery, previous medical treatment or have genetic problems will find Micro TESE immensely helpful.

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