Advanced Fertility Treatments

If you’ve tried using fertility drugs to get pregnant and haven’t found any success, then it may be time to consider advanced treatments such as artificial insemination and assisted reproductive technologies. The fields of science and medicine are constantly evolving and advancing. As a result, there are new fertility treatments being developed and undergoing clinical trials every day to provide new pregnancy options. At Surya’s Fertility Clinics, we have advanced treatments that can significantly enhance the quality and timing of egg production, fertilization and implantation. Some of the newest fertility treatments include:

Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI)

What is it?

IMSI is an advanced and improved alternative to conventional ICSI procedures. IMSI helps magnify the image of the sperm 7,200 times, thereby allowing embryologists to visualise its shape & size and pick out better sperms. It has been shown that IMSI results in better egg fertilisation rates, better quality embryos, better rate of blastocyst formation and therefore, better pregnancy rates.

Who is it for?

  • Couples with severe male factor abnormality.
  • Elderly male partners whose are likely to be dysmorphic.
  • Couples previous IVF/ICSI failures.

Blastocyst Culture

What is it?

Blastocyst (Day 5 embryo) is the natural stage of embryo which gets implanted in a natural conception. So, instead of a Day 2 or 3 transfer if we grow the embryo to a blastocyst stage , its implantation potential is much higher. At Surya fertility we routinely plan Blastocyst transfer for better outcomes. A longer time in culture provides an opportunity to conduct Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) or Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to check for chromosomal and genetic abnormalities.

Laser Assisted Hatching

What is it?

Laser Assisted Hatching is a procedure used along with IVF-ICSI to improve the embryo’s chances of implantation. The principal concept behind this procedure is to assist the embryo’s escape from the outer shell, so that it can implant onto the mother’s uterine wall.

Who is it for?

Women with poor quality of embryo, advanced age or thick zona (outer shell of embryo).

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Dr. Neelam Bhise

MBBS MS, ( Obs& Gyn) Masters in reproductive medicine (NUH , Singapore) Fertility consultant and Reproductive Endocrinologist

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(BM Tech) Senior Embryologist


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