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Don’t let these myths stop you from planning your pregnancy with IVF

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IVF, also known as in-vitro fertilisation, is a medical treatment that has assisted numerous couples in getting pregnant and beginning families. Despite its demonstrated efficacy, there are still a lot of myths and misunderstandings about IVF that discourage some couples from considering it as a viable choice. We have dispelled some of the most widespread misconceptions about IVF in this post, with the help of experts specialising in IVF treatment in Mumbai.  along with the reasons why you shouldn’t allow them to prevent you from preparing for your pregnancy with IVF.

Myth #1: Only older women can use IVF.

It’s a common misconception that IVF is only for older women who are having difficulty getting pregnant naturally. While it’s true that women who are having trouble getting pregnant may find IVF to be useful, age-related problems with fertility are not unique to this community. In actuality, regardless of age, IVF might be used to assist couples who are battling a variety of infertility challenges.

Myth #2: IVF is too expensive

The idea that IVF is too expensive for most couples to afford is another pervasive fallacy. Despite the fact that IVF can need a substantial financial outlay, there are several options to help reduce the cost. There are programmes available to help couples afford the treatment, and many insurance plans now cover some or all of the costs associated with IVF. In some cases, doctors may also recommend mild stimulation or natural cycle IVF, which further helps to bring down the cost of the procedure.

Myth #3: IVF is dangerous

IVF is a well-proven medical process that has been used for many years to assist couples. It is a safe way to conceive if you are not able to achieve pregnancy naturally. IVF does include certain dangers, although they are typically small and infrequent. IVF is seen to be quite safe, and the vast majority of couples who use it have no issues. The availability of self-administered injections has further helped to make the process convenient, safe and seamless.

Myth #4: Multiple pregnancies always result from IVF

Contrary to popular belief, IVF does not always result in multiple pregnancies. IVF can result in numerous pregnancies, but the risk of this can be reduced with proper monitoring and management of the process. The type of pregnancy depends on the number of embryos that have been transferred. With the advent of advanced technology, it is now possible to get good results with single embryo transfer, which helps you to prevent this complication.

Myth #5: Pregnancies obtained through IVF are usually successful.

IVF is a very successful process, but just like any other procedure success is not 100 per cent guaranteed. There are numerous elements that can influence the success rate of the procedure. These include the underlying reproductive problems, age, and overall health of both partners. However, many couples are able to conceive with subsequent rounds of treatment even when IVF is unsuccessful on the first try.

Myth #6: IVF is painful

The minimally invasive IVF process rarely results in severe pain or discomfort. Even though some women might feel mild cramping or discomfort during or after the procedure, these symptoms are typically transient and can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers.

Myth #7: IVF is not natural

IVF is sometimes viewed as being unnatural or going against the normal course of conception. IVF, however, merely offers a technique to assist couples who are having trouble getting pregnant naturally. It does not impede the course of nature. In truth, a lot of the steps in IVF are comparable to those that naturally take place throughout the fertilisation process.

Myth #8: IVF is emotionally taxing

Although IVF can be an emotionally taxing experience for some couples, many also find it to be very rewarding. For couples who may have otherwise given up on the prospect of having children, IVF offers hope and a road to motherhood. Many couples are able to negotiate the emotional obstacles of IVF and come out on the other side with a successful pregnancy with the correct support and services.

IVF is, thus, a reliable, practical, and affordable choice for couples who are having trouble conceiving. To get more information about the benefits and techniques of IVF, contact the best fertility centre in Mumbai.