Pediatric Ventilation Workshop

Date-18th February,Sunday 2018
Venue-New Wing Basement Auditorium,Surya hospitals,S.V.Road,Santacruz West,Mumbai 400054
9.00 am to 9.30 amRegistration and Tea
9.30 am to 10.00 amDr. Neil CastellinoPaediatric Airway-Basics and Beyond
10.00 am to 10.40 amDr. Isha BhagatInitiation of Ventilation and Basic Modes
10.45 am to 11.30 amDr. Abhijeet BagdeAdvanced Ventilation Modes
11.30 am to 12.00 pmDr. Pathik NaikCare of the Ventilated child
12.00 pm to 12.45 pmDr. NandKishor S.KabraNeonatal Ventilation
1.00 pm to 2.00 pmLunch
2.00 pm to 2.30 pmPaediatric Airway
2.30 pm to 3.00 pmCase Discussions in ventilation
3.00 pm to 3.30 pmTroubleshooting and ventilator Graphics
Registration fees Rs.500/-.Spot registration fees Rs 1000/-
Bank Details
Account name: SCMPL-Education fund
A/c no:50200027728854
Bank Name:HDFC
Branch: Santacruz West
21st January 2018, Sunday
9.30 am to 10.00 amRegistration and Tea
1.00 pm onwardsLunch
11.30 am to 12.15 pmDr. Shraddha MaheshwariAdvances in Paediatric Neurosurgery
12.15 pm to 1.00 pmDr. Atul BhaskarApproach to the Limping Child
10.00 am to 10.40 amDr. Krupa TornePaediatric Headache - Some Relief for All
10.45 am to 11.30 amDr. Poornima ShahElectrodiagnosis in Paediatric - An Overview


August 27, 2017Dr. Neeta WartyChallenges in Fibroid Management
Dr. Vandana BansalFoetal Therapy - Starting from the Womb
Dr. Haribalakrishnan BalasubramaniumChorioamnionitis and the Neonate
Dr. Mohan GadamPanel Discussion - High Risk Pregnancy
Dr. Cherry Shah
Dr. Rajkumar Shah
Dr. Shyam Desai
July 9 , 2017Dr. Nitin ManwaniDengue - Fluids and Platelets - Whats the Right Balance??
Dr. Rashid MarchantClinicians Approach to Genetic Disorders
Dr. Isha BhagatDKA - A Stroke of Bad Luck
Dr. Nandkishor S. KabraPreterm PDA - Recent Thoughts
July 2, 2017Dr. Swati ShahApproach to Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
Dr. Vandana BansalFoetal Therapy - Starting from the Womb
Dr. Neha AgarwalVaccination - An Update
Dr. Cherry ShahThe Vaginal Monologue
May 7, 2017Dr. B.S AvasthiAn approach to PICU & NICU emergencies
Dr. Nandkishor KabraRecent advances in PICU & NICU care
Dr. Javed AhmedWorkstation 1: Advanced Airway & NICU
Dr. Neil CastellinoWorkstation 2: Advanced PICU station
Dr. B.S AvasthiWorkstation 3: Human Factors and CRM training
Dr. Nandkishor KabraWorkstation 4: Cardiac Simulation
April 9, 2017Dr. Nandkishor KabraWorkstation 1: Preparation at Birth & Initial Steps
Dr. Neil CastellinoWorkstation 2: PPV
Dr. Bhupendra AvasthiWorkstation 3: Chest Compression
Dr. Shobha SharmaWorkstation 4: Intubation
Dr. Neil CastellinoWorkstation 5: Drugs & Vascular Access
Dr. Vishal BalduaIntegrated Skills Station
Dr. Nandkishor KabraCase based Resuscitation Scenarios
Dr. Shobha SharmaLecture 1: Special Circumstances
Dr. Vishal BalduaVideo: Preterm Resuscitation
March 26, 2017Dr. Nishit Choksi (Chairperson: Dr. Nandkishor Kabra)Endovascular treatment for Vascular diseases
Dr. Nishit Choksi (Chairperson: Dr. Bhupendra Avasthi)My TAVR (Trans Catheter Aortic Valve Replacement) Journey
Dr. Suyash Kulkarni (Chairperson: Dr. Shobha Sharma)Hypertensive emergencies in ICU
February 19, 2017Dr. Ruchi ParikhApproach to Hypocalcemia
Dr. Rajesh JoshiCase based approach to resistant rickets
Management of Type I Diabetes
Diet in Diabetes
February 12, 2017Dr. April Kam (Chairperson: Dr. Nandkishor Kabra)Diagnostic Dilemma ? A Practical Approach
Dr. Jennifer Twiss (Chairperson: Dr. Shobha Sharma)Communication and Handover
Dr. Peter Fitzgerald (Chairperson: Dr. Nandkishor Kabra)Difficult Cases
Dr. Madan Roy (Chairperson: Dr. Neil Castellino)Medication Safety
Dr. Filomena Tavares (Chairperson: Dr. B.S Avasthi)Importance of Checklist
February 11, 2017Dr. Peter Fitzgerald (Chairperson: Dr. B.S Avasthi)Making & Sustaining change- What does it take ?
Dr. Jennifer Twiss (Chairperson: Dr. Shobha Sharma)Quality Improvement- Basics - I
Dr. April Kam (Chairperson: Dr. Vishal Baldua)Patient Safety in Practice
Dr. Filomena Tavares (Chairperson: Dr. Neil Castellino)Understanding & Creating a culture of patient Safety & quality
Dr. Jennifer Twiss (Chairperson: Dr. Shobha Sharma)Quality Improvement- Basics ? II
Dr. Madan Roy (Chairperson: Dr. Nandkishor Kabra)Learning from our mistakes- Human factors and Systems Design
January 29, 2017Dr. Nandkishor KabraEmerging issues in management of late preterms
Dr. Vishal BalduaThe Encephalopathic Child: Keys to the Pandora?s Box
Dr. Vandana BansalPrenatal Screening Test - Optimal use
Dr. Nandkishor KabraReviewing 2016: Interesting Casemix from the PICU



November 20, 2016Dr. Vidhya DeshmukhAnatomy of Paediatric Airway.
Dr. Manohar ShaanWorking knowledge of Bronchoscope & techniques of Bronchoscopy.
Dr. Pradnya SawantSedation & Anaesthesia for Bronchoscopy.
Dr. Sudivya SharmaComplications- Prevention & Management.
November 6, 2016Dr. Sagar Warankar (Chairperson- Dr. Bhupendra Avasthi)Pulmonology at a glance
Dr. Nisha Chaturvedi (Dr. Shobha Sharma)Skin allergies in children
Dr. Nandkishor KabraTranslation of Evidence into practice
September 18. 2016Dr. Sonal Saste (Chairperson- Dr. Bhupendra Avasthi)Childhood Obesity
Dr. Jaysshree TodkarClinical Management of Obesity & Metabolic syndrome
Ms. Kanika (Chairperson- Dr. Jaysshree Todkar)Nutrition in Obesity
August 21, 2016Dr. Kiran PatelCommonly used drugs in NORA
Dr. Rajen DaftaryAnaesthesia for Paediatric endoscopy procedures
Dr. Vrushali PondeAnaesthesia in radiology suites
Dr. C.K PondeInteractive discussions on congenital cardiac conditions and anaesthesia considerations in Cath lab
Dr. Ankit DesaiPaediatric Dental Anaesthesia
Dr. Dilip ChavanBedside procedures in PICU
Dr. Anuya GursaleAnaesthesia for ophthalmic paediatric procedures
Dr. Vikas NairMedicolegal considerations: An interactive session
July 17, 2016Dr. Sudha RaoApproach to Hypothyroidism in children
Dr. Vijay AgarwalWhen inotropes don?t work
Dr. Mukesh DesaiApproach to anaemia in office practice
July 10, 2016Dr. Nandkishor KabraWorkstation 1: Preparation at birth and Initial steps
Dr. Javed AhmedWorkstation 2: PPV
Dr. Bhupendra AvasthiWorkstation 3: Chest Compression
Dr. Swarup Kumar DashWorkstation 4: Intubation
Dr. Vishal BalduaWorkstation 5: Drugs and Vascular access
Dr. Shobha SharmaIntegrated Skills Station
Case based resuscitation scenarios
Lecture 1: Special Circumstances
Video: Preterm Resuscitation
June 26, 2016Dr. Mukesh GuptaEtiopathogenesis of IUGR
Dr. Vandana BansalFoetal Surveillance of IUGR
Dr. Nandkishor KabraIUGR- Neonatology Perspective
Dr. Bhupendra AvasthiPanel Discussion
Dr. Cherry Shah
Dr. Murari Nanavati
Dr. Rajeshwari Ganesh
Dr.Javed Ahmed
Dr. Hari Balasubramanian
June 12, 2016Dr. Vibhor Borkar (Chairperson- Dr. Bhupendra Avasthi)Interesting case discussion in Paediatric GI
Dr. Keya Lahiri (Chairperson-Dr. Nandkishor Kabra)Gut microbiota, Probiotics and Acute Diarrhoea
Dr. Pradeep Shenoy (Chairperson- Dr. Vishal Baldua)Case discussion in Paediatric GI surgery
Monitoring of a Ventilated Child
May 15, 2016Dr. Vishal BalduaVentilation- Physiology and Applied Terminology
Dr. Nandkishor KabraModes of Ventilation
Dr. Parmanand AndankarNon Invasive Ventilation
Dr. Jesal SethMonitoring of a Ventilated Child
Dr. Neil CastellinoNewer Modes of Ventilation
Dr. Milind Tullu
April 16, 2016Dr. Vijay TutejaNeonatal Sepsis
Dr. Nandkishor KabraNew Concepts in Management of RDS
Dr. Neil CastellinoInteresting Cases in Ventilation
March 13, 2016Dr. Kamini MehtaKidney diseases in children- Let?s act early to prevent it
Dr. Amrish VaidyaUrinary tract infection- Diagnosis and treatment
Dr. Alka KarnikModalities in Paediatric Nephrology Imaging
Dr. Amish UdaniNephrotic Syndrome