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Pediatric Urology

Surya Hospitals, known as one of the best Pediatric urology hospitals offers treatments and surgeries to resolve problems involving disorders of urination, reproductive organs and testes in children. With the best pediatric urologists in Mumbai, Jaipur and Pune, we treat conditions such as Hypospadias and more.

Hypospadias is usually diagnosed in a newborn by the characteristic appearance of the penis.The urinary opening generally lower than normal, and most children have only partial development of the foreskin, they lack the normal covering for the glans on the underside.

Surgery is usually recommended for hypospadias, as the goal is to restore the normal appearance and function to the penis. A urinary opening that is not surrounded by glans tissue is more likely to “spray” the urine, which can cause a man to sit to urinate because he cannot reliably stand and hit the toilet. Downward curvature of the penis can impair sexual activity as an adult. Surgery extends the urinary channel to the end of the penis, straightens bending, and corrects the foreskin abnormality by either circumcision or by repairing it to look normal.

Age of Surgery

Hypospadias repair can be done in full-term, healthy infants at any time from 3 months of age. Premature babies generally have surgery done at 6 months or older. Using these guidelines, most babies can undergo repair as same-day surgery, without the need to stay in the hospital afterwards.

Most children having hypospadias repair and heal without complications. This is especially true for distal hypospadias operations, which are successful in over 90% of cases.

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