9 Questions to Ask Before Starting Complementary Feeding

Complementary feeding is the process of feeding foods other than mother’s milk for meeting his or her nutritional requirements. This process starts when breast milk alone is no longer sufficient for the infant, and hence other foods and liquids are needed. But before starting complementary feeding for your baby, make sure you ask these questions to your…
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Hear from the Experts: All You Need to Know About Fibroids

Fibroids are some of the most common reproductive systems tumours women experience. They are also known as uterine myomas, leiomyomas, and fibromas. On average, 20-50% of women between the ages of 13 and 50 have fibroids. However, not all large enough to be detected during a physical examination. Below are some of the common questions…
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Childhood Epilepsy: What You Need to Know

Epilepsy is a neurological condition (affecting the brain and nervous system) where a person has a tendency to have recurrent seizures that start in the brain without acute provocation. The brain is made up of millions of nerve cells that use electrical signals to control the body’s functions, senses and thoughts. If electric signals are…
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Experts Speak – Dr. Neeta Warty: FAQs on Endometriosis

Endometriosis is one of the most common conditions gynecologists encounter during their practice. Classic studies indicate that 25-50% of infertile women have endometriosis and 30-50% of women with endometriosis are infertile. This disease affects all aspects of a woman’s reproductive system and can even cause spontaneous miscarriages. Below are some of the questions about endometriosis…
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