Dr.Shilpa Saple Sheds Light on Fertility And IVF Treatment on ZEE24Taas

Dr.Shilpa Saple has been practicing fertility for the last sixteen years. She explains the causes of infertility and provides detailed information on IVF Treatment on the Marathi News Channel ZEE24Taas.

Dr.Shilpa Saple has completed her MD (OB-GYN) from Grant medical college and JJ group of hospitals, Mumbai and thereafter her Masters in IVF from the She has been into fertility practice for the last 16 years. She is a strong believer in individualized patient care. Her focus has been to tailor treatments to the needs of her patients while incorporating the latest developments in the discipline to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient. She has been a trainer for infertility as well as Endoscopy for gynecologists and presents her work regularly in several paper presentations and publications. Her work in pre IVF hysteroscopy and management of poor ovarian reserve patients has been acknowledged internationally. She routinely conducts CMEs and workshops for doctors as well.

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