• 'Best Paediatric & Gynaecology Hospital in India' by ABP News Healthcare awards.
  • 'Asia’s Fastest Growing Healthcare Brand 2015' by WCRC in Singapore.
  • 'Best Hospital in India for Paediatric and Neonatal Care' at CIMS Healthcare Excellence Awards
  • No. 1 Hospital in Paediatric Care & No. 3 in Gynaecology & Obstetrics Hospital in Mumbai & Western India as per Times Health Critical Care Survey 2017


Our Success Stories

  • 2007 First in India to use inhaled Nitric oxide ventilation. Cylinder containing Nitric oxide (NO) which is otherwise an active compound in dynamites and explosives, saved life of 12 month old Neha
  • 2007 Successful repair of very complicated congenital diaphragmatic hernia, 24th April 2007. Doctors thought it was a “hopeless” case, but a four-day-old baby suffering from a rare deformity has miraculously not only survived a difficult operation but emerged perfectly normal after it.
  • 2009 Youngest heart gets non-invasive fix.  A month-old boy, weighing 2.66kg at birth, is first in country to undergo procedure
  • 2010 Premature baby beats odds to get a new lease of life. Baby, weighing a mere 730gm at birth and having spent 4 months in Surya Neaonatal Ward, is healthy and weighed more than 2 kg within 4 months.


  • 2013 24 week triplets, India’s most premature, make it home from Surya Child Care. Born 15 weeks before due date, the country’s most prematurely born triplets have gone home after 4 months in Surya  hospital.
  • 2014 Born 13 weeks premature, India’s second lighest triplets fight for life. Born with malformed organs, respiratory distress, low haemoglobin and infection, babies are now healthy.
  • 2015 23 weeker Sakshi born 460 gms – city’s youngest premature baby  operated and saved by Surya Hospitals.
  • 2016  Operated on the smallest baby in India for faulty food pipe in Surya Hospitals, Mumbai.
  • 2017  Karan Johar baby born 1.5 kg each, successfully treated at Surya Hospitals' NICU.

NICU : Proud facts

  • First in India to use inhaled Nitric oxide ventilation
  • Pioneered use of polythene use for preventing hypothermia in new-borns
  • First in India to implement Surfactant use in neonatal treatment
  • Gold Medal for 2 consecutive years for the Best Research in National Neonatology Conference.