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8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Their Gynaec Visits

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Q1. At what age should I have my 1st Gynaec examination?

Unless there is a medical problem, you should have your first pelvic examination at age 21yrs or sooner if u begin sexual activity.

Q2. When should I get my mammogram done?

Women age 40yrs and older should have mammograms every one or two years. Until n unless indicated for early scan.

Q3. What do I do if I missed one or two days of birth control pills?

1st read the instructions that came with your pill. Generally speaking, if you miss one pill, take two pills the next day. If you miss two pills, take two pills on each of the next two days. Along with some alternative contraceptive method

Q4. I am a menopausal woman but still experiencing spotting p/v and staining. What should I do?

Call your doctor and book an appointment

Q5. What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

Missed period, morning sickness, altered taste, the frequency of micturition, breast tenderness/ sensitivity, bloating, constipation etc. are the common symptoms met with. An Obstetrician should be consulted at the earliest in any of these conditions.

Q6. How frequently should I visit my doctor?

1st visit should be at the earliest followed by 4 weekly till 28 weeks, 2 weekly till 32 weeks and weekly thereafter. The frequency of visits are usually individualized, being more frequent in high-risk cases.

Q7. Are blood tests and ultrasound important during pregnancy?

Certain blood tests provide an insight to the patient’s status and the prospects of continuing a healthy pregnancy. USG  imaging is needed for detecting anomalies and monitoring the growth of the baby.

Q8. What are the indications for reporting to the emergency department?

Loss of fetal movements, severe pain abdomen increasing in frequency and amplitude, bleeding or sudden watery discharge per vaginum, headache with visual disturbances, sudden onset of swelling over the body are some of the common serious conditions to report.

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